Therapeutic Treatment

Therapeutic Treatments

Through the years I have complemented my degree in behavioural science from Umeå University in Sweden with further studies related to the body and soul. I am a trained kinesiologist, having studied at the Swedish Kinesiology School in Stockholm. I work with therapeutic treatment of psychosomatic symptoms – physical problems rooted in emotional and mental issues such as stress and anxiety – for example burnout. I also treat different kinds of trauma, fears, phobias and compulsive behaviours. 

Having trouble deciding which treatment to go for? Book a healing session and we’ll take an intuitive approach to guide us to the right therapy.

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral treatment is a method which very gently treats the bones in the skull in relation to the spine and pelvis to correct imbalances that can affect the whole body. Tension in the fascia and the membranes of the brain is dissolved and the hydraulic pressure in the spinal fluid is restored. The body is given the opportunity to heal itself by letting go of tension and imbalances at a cellular level. The treatment tends to be deeply relaxing.


Neuroenergetic psychology (NEP)

Feelings are chemical reactions, and they can be stored in the body’s cells. Sometimes we have a strong physical reaction to something, seemingly for no logical reason. By applying light pressure on various ganglia, and by posing cognitive questions, an NEP treatment helps to reveal memory patterns and release trauma holding us back in our development. It also helps to balance the lymphatic system, which aids healing. The treatment is deeply relaxing and it is recommended that you rest afterwards.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

The treatment involves loosely tapping on central pressure points to affect your emotional state. It also works well on phobias and trauma. I offer classic EFT as well as the deeper form, PAP, developed by Mac Pompeius Wolontis, which is a quick, simple and pain-free way to dissolve psychologic stress in the nervous system and energy system. Self-administered PAP and EFT is also taught. 

Regression treatment

A regression involves revisiting a past experience that we may not be fully aware of in our daily life. The aim of the regression is to heal a trauma that has been carried through from a different era or a past life. It is also possible to do regression work on positive experiences in the past.

The treatment is performed during deep relaxation and through energy work.

We are all a part of Mother Earth, all energies and the world seeking balance. When we are balanced we find a harmony within us which takes us where we are meant to go.

Spiritual Guidance

I offer, psychic session and group session. My background in behavioural science teamed with my psychic ability gives me a solid foundation for helping you resolve issues in your life and relationships.

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Experience craniosacral therapy, neuroenergetic psychology, psychological acupressure and regression therapy. Contact me or read more to get information about what is best for you.

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For Your Pet

The purpose of the conversation is that animals and humans should get good cooperation and understanding for each other. I also offer healing and craniosacral therapy for animals.

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