Healing is an ancient therapy that treats the whole person and the aim is to create balance in the mind, body and soul. Healing balances the energy in the body and clears the chakra system of blockages.

Healing for body and soul

You will receive advice on how best to look after your health in terms of diet, herbal supplements and exercise. Based on what comes up in conversation during the treatment I’ll heal you using energy work. Often I’ll also balance the different energy fields in and around you. The treatment is tailored to you and may include elements of craniosacral therapy, NEP and aromatherapy.

The treatment takes around 40 minutes. In some cases regular healing is advisable.

I also perform distance healing.

Energy cleansing

I cleanse the energy of homes, gardens and workplaces from spiritual imbalances.

This involves going through the property, assessing it in terms of the materials, colours, furniture and decor. If there is negative energy stored somewhere I’ll clear it, and I’ll also advise on any objects or symbols which could be disrupting the energy flow. The aim is to restore balance and create a harmonious environment.

Earthbound spirits

I help earthbound spirits transition from the home they are haunting to the place where they belong.

We are all a part of Mother Earth, all energies and the world seeking balance. When we are balanced we find a harmony within us which takes us where we are meant to go.

Spiritual Guidance

I offer, psychic session and group session. My background in behavioural science teamed with my psychic ability gives me a solid foundation for helping you resolve issues in your life and relationships.

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Experience craniosacral therapy, neuroenergetic psychology, psychological acupressure and regression therapy. Contact me or read more to get information about what is best for you.

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For Your Pet

The purpose of the conversation is that animals and humans should get good cooperation and understanding for each other. I also offer healing and craniosacral therapy for animals.

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